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Nothing But Nets

Nothing But Nets is a global campaign started by the United Nations Foundation in an effort to boost awareness to fight malaria which is the leading cause of death among children in Africa. Their tactic? Supplying mosquito bed nets and educating those who receive them on the proper uses in order to help fight malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Participation

After learning the details of the organization, we knew that as a mosquito control company, we had to join in and help the fight against malaria by participating. We announced a promotion to our existing customers late in 2015 pledging for every customer that continued their service with us starting in April 2016, we would purchase one mosquito net to be distributed to a family in Africa to prevent malaria.

The results? 486 life-saving bed nets were provided to protect refugee families in Rwanda from malaria! We were so pleased with the results that we did the same thing in 2017 and 1,380 life-saving bed nets were provided! We are ecstatic with the results from our campaigns and very thankful to our customers for making it a happen. We can’t wait to contribute again in 2018 so we are pledging again for every customer from 2017 that starts up service with us in March or April of 2018, we will purchase one mosquito net to be distributed to a family in Africa to prevent malaria.

Malaria Facts from Nothing But Nets

The Situation

  • Every two minutes, a child dies from malaria, a deadly, yet preventable disease.
  • Approximately 3.3 billion people – more than half the world’s population – remains at risk of malaria. And the disease is still rampant in 97 countries and territories around the world.
  • In 2015, there were 214 million new cases of malaria worldwide and 438,000 deaths.
  • The global malaria burden remains heavily concentrated in 15 countries, mainly in Africa. Together, they account for an estimated 80% of cases and 78% of deaths.
  • Nearly 300 million people in sub-Saharan Africa still lack access to an insecticide-treated bed net.
  • At least 15 million pregnant women do not receive the protective treatment they need to keep themselves and their unborn child safe from malaria.
  • Each year, malaria costs the African continent an estimated US $12 billion in lost productivity.

Nothing But Nets Successes

  • An estimated 6.2 million lives have been saved between 2000 and 2015, primarily children under age five in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Globally, they’ve cut deaths by an estimated 60%.
  • They’ve cut deaths from malaria by an estimated 71% among children under age five in sub-Saharan Africa, improving child survival rates.
  • Over 100 countries are already malaria-free, and at least 57 countries are on track to reduce their malaria incidence by 75% by the end of 2015.
  • Efforts to prevent malaria in pregnancy alone saved the lives of 94,000 newborns between 2009 and 2012.
  • More than 900 million insecticide-treated bed nets were delivered to countries in sub-Saharan Africa where malaria was rampant between 2004 and 2014.
  • Today, approximately 55% of the population in sub-Saharan Africa is protected by bed nets, compared to just 2% in 2000.
  • An estimated 663 million cases of malaria have been averted in sub-Saharan Africa since 2001, 68% of which were through the use of bed nets.